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The beauty of life can be represented in stability and justice achievement. One of the most beautiful positive motives is to stand with others and support them until they perfectly and transparently get and fulfill their rights. Our aim is to get the satisfaction of Almighty God in what has been assigned to us, and then achieve satisfaction of the client who needs our support

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About us

A legal group that provides its clients and beneficiaries with all the legal services they need (drafting, pleading, arbitration, documentation, consultations) to defend their legal rights and obligations with professional performance in the completing the work.

Our Services

Legal consultations and solutions

We work through a team of specialists in providing legitimate and legal consultations to our clients, which consultations aim to raise awareness and prevent against falling into disputes and and to legal protection having deep experience in laws and legislations, fact study, research preparation and analysis and satisfactory result achievement.

Judicial representation, pleading and defense.

We are able to represent our principals with all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies and to plead and defend on their behalf, through a qualified and highly efficient team in handling and managing all their legal affairs, drafting all regulations, pleading and writing the necessary memos in various types of cases to preserve the rights of the client,to obtain his rights and to get it a judgment in his cases in which we have been honored to be its attorney.


Due to our previous judicial experience in deciding on and settling disputes, we have the capacity to arbitrate and resolve disputes arising between the parties to contracts stipulating arbitration clause or contracts agreed upon after the dispute arose between the parties to decide on the disputes with urgency and mastery, while providing the full arbitration stuff, such as halls, tools, tools and arbitrators in a period of not more than six months.

Drafting and auditing contracts and agreements

We have given all types of contracts a special priority through a team of specialists who are able to professionally formulate contracts, and to review, audit and draft all other legal undertakings, correspondence and documents to be issued in an integrated final format.

Reconciliation and settlement

Through our team, we offer all legal and legitimate solutions in resolving disputes by all means leading to reconciliation, due to our extensive experience in bringing alternative solutions for our clients.

Legal training

Our office is proud to have a group of highly efficient and scientifically and administratively qualified experts in the field of legal work with respect to providing training courses and participating in workshops, seminars and conferences. Such experts are able to refine scientific and practical skills in the judicial and legal field.

Deeds of ownership

We initiate all real estate cases, obtain deeds of ownership, and exert  all our efforts and time so that our clients do not resort to the courts to obtain a deed of ownership, rather,  we do this on their behalf and follow up the respective long procedures, taking into account the importance of speed of completion of tasks in the least possible time.


With the increasing frequency of exchange between businesses and individuals, and the resulting accumulation of debt and non-fulfillment of obligations, the need to find legal ways to return those debts to their owners and satisfy them from procrastinators became essential. Hence, our decision was to establish a department for collection, judgment implementation and follow-up of commercial bill cases through a professional team of specialists and experienced professionals in this field.


There is no doubt that many clients lose hope once they are charged with irrevocable judgments, and, as a result, they think that this is the end for their rights which they were unable to reach for any reason. Therefore, our clients had the right to provide the service that enables them to get their rights after losing hope and despair to reach them by a legal mean made available through the law. Such mean is the formulation of the petition for review, in which we have knowledge, ability and previous experience regarding a number of judgments that have been suspended and reconsidered; and, accordingly, desperate client’s right can be restored.


In keeping with the development and renaissance that KSA witnesses in all fields and dealings between members of the community, we seek to have a role in providing licensed documenters with experience in documenting contracts, establishing companies, selling real estate and issuing agencies, in addition to registering and documenting trademarks, patents and intellectual property of both industrial and literary fields.


Wills – Liquidation – Receivership – Drafting – Supervision – Division

Speed, mastery and acceleration in dividing and liquidating inheritances is the first and most important remedy for the issues of the heirs and their opponents, and the occurrence of conflict between them. There is no doubt that the delay in such processes is the cause of dissension and fighting Therefore, our office paid great attention to inheritance liquidation, receivership, management of property and follow-up of the affairs of the inheritance.The office either attracted the legitimate, legal and administrative elites to reach the highest levels of professionalism in that.


Management- Drafting – Supervision – Governance

It is one of the greatest worships, where the donor wishes to win the afterlife reward, and determines a mechanism and expenses for the reward to continue and not to be interrupted. This requires the proper formulation of the endowment instrument, formation of the management board and development of powers that will preserve the endowment, its validity and permanence, which we achieve through proper drafting, appointment, follow-up and supervision of the management board and conducting of accounting and follow-up of the endowments to ensure they are processed as the donor wishes without abuses, under the management of a team specialized in endowments, its affairs and governance.

Our Clients


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