About us

Al-Fadhil and Al-Jaser Law Group

A legal group that provides its clients and beneficiaries with all the legal services they need (drafting, pleading, arbitration, documentation, consultations) to defend their legal rights and obligations with professional performance in the completing the work.

 To be a model for justice and legal services.

To Work thoroughly and continuously in an endeavor to meet our clients’ increasing need to overcome the legal challenges facing individuals and companies in their working and personal lives and at the local and global level. This is achieved through a number of local and international partnerships that fully satisfy our and a segment of client’s aspiration, and through establishing the principles of credibility, trust, professional commitment, defense of the right and honor of the profession and keeping pace with the continuous development of regulations and laws.

reach the highest degree of mastery at all stages of the work and to provide legal services to our valued clients, whether individuals, companies or government agencies.

– To achieve client satisfaction at all stages of the case from the first meeting until winning and ending the case.

 – To seek integration with the legal family either for entities such as companies and bodies,

 or for individuals such as advocates and consultants.

The Office is committed to provide legal consultations and solutions to all its clients in the most difficult cases and issues. Our mission is to provide well-thought-out legal services through our team of prominent advocates and consultants having experience in the field for more than fifteen years. We are interested in devoting all possible efforts to gain the client’s trust by preserving his interests and considering it a part of our success, by periodically following up his cases and speeding up the necessary actions.


– It is our goal and aim, from which we have begun and to which we will return. It is our value on which our entire work, efforts and dealings are based.

 – We consider our trust in God first, and in ourselves second, and the trust of our client and beneficiary in us third,   the focus of our course, which begins from the client’s communication and continues till the end.

Organizational structure

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